The following description is reprinted from Publicker Industries, Inc.
promotional material (possibly part of their investor's prospectus)

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This is our main industrial chemical plant, with the world’s largest capacity for the production of ethyl alcohol. It is located on the Delaware River, near the southernmost tip of Philadelphia, has docking facilities for ocean-going vessels and is served by three railroads: the Pennsylvania, Baltimore & Ohio and Reading. For prompt distribution of our products, we maintain out own extensive fleet of tank cars and tank wagons.

In addition to ethyl alcohol, plants here produce butyl alcohol, acetic acid, dry ice and liquid carbon dioxide, acetone, various acetates, and dozens of other valuable chemicals. There are extensive facilities for drying feed, a valuable byproduct of distilling.

Another industrial chemical plant is located at Westwego, La., to serve Southern markets.

The company’s research activities are centered at Eddington, Pa., in the heart of the Delaware Valley industrial development. Here valuable research is continually under way, developing new processes, formulas and products for all our company’s industrial chemical departments.