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This warehouse is made similarly to those used in Kentucky. That is, it's really a huge timber rack for barrels, with a building-shaped wooden shell built loosely around it, covered with corrugated steel sheets. And like Kentucky barns, this warehouse is painted black -- an unusual color for farm buildings in this area. Pennsylvania barns are traditionally a reddish color, although sometimes you see a few white ones, too.

Those weeds are waist-high to over-your-head, and underneath is swamp-like mud of undetermined depth. We have to go in through that door behind the large bush.

Other than being empty, the building is in remarkably good condition, considering its age.
This warehouse is tall enough for three stories, but the barrel racks are only on the first two. The area at the top may have been used for stringing pulleys and tackle for maneuvering the heavy barrels.

Run for your lives, it's the
Phantom of the Warehouse!!!